Unity in worship

Simon Boenaidi, MS 127

Music in our worship is one of the most undervalued gifts in the body of Christ to unite people from different backgrounds (i.e. styles, skills, preferences, etc.). Let’s discover the power of music to follow God’s will of unity within the body of Christ.

Simon Boenaidi is the Youth Minister at Cincinnati Chinese Church, OH. He and his wife, Elissa, came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to the US for college, met in Michigan, and got married before Simon went to Seminary. He is really passionate about Japanese Ramen and all things Noodles. He enjoys jamming, karaoke, and playing board games.

unity in relationships

Justin Young, MS 129

Relationships are great – until they aren’t. Join us as we learn how to wisely and faithfully navigate relational drama.

Justin Young is the Pastor of English and Youth Ministries at the Chinese Community Church of Indianapolis. He and his wife Grace have three children. Justin’s current interests include technology, essentialism, and green living.  

The cross and christian unity

Gary House, MS 125

The cross of Jesus brings us together in the body. AND, the cross keeps us together in the body as we apply it to our daily lives both inside and outside the church.

Gary House is the English Pastor at Cleveland Chinese Christian Church of Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife, Lillian, have 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 4 grandchildren.

How is My Thinking Affecting My Living?

Kirt Thallman, MS 141

Behind everything you do is a thought.  Every behavior is motivated by a belief and every action is prompted by an attitude.  Let’s discuss thinking patterns and how they are pulling you down or pushing you higher and how Jesus can get you in the proper mindset.

Kirt Thallman Hi everyone! I currently serve at Lexington CCC. I grew up in Ohio (Go Bucks!). Jesus saved me at age 13. (Go Jesus!) He called me to be a pastor at age 16. (But I resisted - Forgive me Lord). Studied Electronics at the University of Akron. I finally surrendered to the Lord's calling to be a pastor my sophomore year. After graduating, I went to Absury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Met Mei Lan my 2nd year and chased her to Taiwan. I married her in Taiwan at age 25. (She still likes me. God is gracious.) Our kids (and His), Nate & Naomi were born in Taiwan and both currently attend Asbury University. (Time flies.) I love Jesus, family, basketball & board games. I hope you can know and love Jesus also. He is so good.

Other Bios

Pastor Enoch (keynotes speaker) currently serves at Boston Chinese Evangelical Church. He is married to Karen and they have 3 sons at home and 1 daughter who has passed on. Enoch received his education from UCLA and Talbot School of Theology. Enoch is also currently enrolled in studies at Western Seminary. He is the author of In Reverence And Awe, a practical worship leading resource. Enoch enjoys spending time with his family, running, martial arts, and playing the occasional video game. Enoch is currently on a 12 month sabbatical and he returns to regular church ministry on September 1.